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Gain new customers without compromises. Stand-Alone inserts with DIMABAY.


Your brand “Stand-Alone”– and all selection criteria available

With a Stand-Alone insert with DIMABAY you have no restrictions in format or weight of the insert. Apart from flyers you can also send out brochures, catalogues or even samples via the DIMABAY network.. Depending on your target audience, you also can decide on selection criteria (e.g. age, gender, purchasing power or product affinity)

Technology > 3.5 mil 75% 25%
Beauty & Lifestyle > 3,9 mil 40% 60%
Fashion > 5,6 mil 35% 65%
Universal Mail > 2,5 mil 45% 55%
Media > 1.2 mil 60% 40%
Family & Pet supplies > 800,000 20% 80%
Home & Garden > 900,000 50% 50%
Business > 400,000 65% 35%
 Collectables > 100,000 75% 25%
Service & Others > 100,000 40% 60%

Examples of Stand-Alone inserts

Frank Walder







Your advantages with DIMABAY Stand-Alone inserts

High exclusivity
You have the highest  degree of freedom in the creation of your advertising medium and, for example, use response postcards
Individual selection
When chosing the selection criteria, you don't have to make any compromises with a partner
Selection of distributors
For a Stand-Alone insert you can, if requested, even select individual distributors directly from our network for the distribution of your inserts
As you are advertising alone, you can develop all parameters, like distribution period or circulation, flexibly and according to your wishes
Cost efficiency
Optimized and efficient work processes enable DIMABAY to provide insert advertising at low prices. In addition to billing per thousand (cost per thousand), we also offer barter deals and performance-based pricing models
​Advertising campaigns in several European countries from a single source - DIMABAY makes this possible

Good experiences – national and international Stand-Alone campaigns by DIMABAY

DIMABAY has extensive experience with Stand-Alone inserts of companies from all sectors and thus can advise you in a bespoke and individual way. Best-Practice-Experiences allow us to give you help and advice on what requirements an insert with a high response rate has to meet.

Through internal assessment models for different branches and advertising media, we can provide full support for you in choosing the most suitable distributors. With a Stand-Alone insert you can draw from a full source of selection criteria. For example, you can address a predominantly male target audience via the field “technology”. You can reach families and children via the distribution of your package inserts by vendors of children’s toys. Young online shoppers can be reached, for example, via vendors of videogames.