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Share the insert and the costs. Shared flyers with DIMABAY.


Sharing is easy!

Shared inserts give you the opportunity to share the advertising space with another company; your company on the front, a complimentary third party company on the reverse. Share the space, and share your costs! We look after the complete process; the coordination, printing and logistics of the campaign as well as the sourcing of a suitable partner (of whom is of course pre-approved by both parties!). Distributors of the insert are then hand-picked based upon the shared demographics of both you and your reverse partner.

Technology > 3.5 mil 75% 25%
Beauty & Lifestyle > 3,9 mil 40% 60%
Fashion > 5,6 mil 35% 65%
Universal Mail > 2,5 mil 45% 55%
Media > 1.2 mil 60% 40%
Family & Pet supplies > 800,000 20% 80%
Home & Garden > 900,000 50% 50%
Business > 400,000 65% 35%
 Collectables > 100,000 75% 25%
Service & Others > 100,000 40% 60%

Examples of shared inserts


Garten und Freizeit








As you share the advertising spare with another company, costs for a shared insert campaign are halved!
Attracting attention
Our shared inserts grab the attention of a consumer. Profit from the reputation of an attractive partner who will share the advertising space.
Selection Criteria
Based on the demographics you share with your reverse-side partner, you are able to select distributors based on several criteria; including age, gender, product affinities or average income.
Flexibility & Experience
We can draw on our experience of more than 2,000 successful advertising campaigns across Europe. We will always provide you with a partner based wholly on how well they compliment your brand, and of course your approval is always required!
Attractive partners
We currently hold partnerships with webshops across Europe and can organise for an attractive, renowned partner to share the reverse of your insert.
Organise insert campaigns across 13 different European countries through one source - DIMABAY.

Good experiences – national and international partner campaigns by DIMABAY

We have attained a wealth of expertise as a result of previous shared insert campaigns, and we always look to offer you bespoke campaign advice based on your needs to ensure an optimal response. We are experts when it comes to creating shared-flyer campaigns that work for all parties involved!

Our shared insert campaigns allow us to draw from a full range of selection criteria in accordance with your partner on the reverse. Based on both of your requirements, we are able to segment and reach your target audience. Looking to reach a female audience? Select from our vast database of fashion or cosmetic companies. Want to reach homeowners? Peruse our database of e-shops selling furniture or garden equipment.