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Range, cost efficiency and flexibility. Aim your advertisements at highly specificied target groups with DIMABAY's package insert campaigns.


The package has arrived! Reach a target group of active online consumers during a moment of increased attention

For service companies and industrial companies DIMABAY package inserts provide the ideal premises for high-reach and cost-efficient advertising campaigns. As an automobile manufacturer for example, you can optimize your distribution targeting automobile companies selling car parts online. Another example is as an insurance company; it is possible to advertise insurance products in the packages of homeowners buying garden equipment online. You can take advantage of the consumers heightened awareness and increased attention as they open the package.


Technology > 3.5 mil 75% 25%
Beauty & Lifestyle > 3,9 mil 40% 60%
Fashion > 5,6 mil 35% 65%
Universal Mail > 2,5 mil 45% 55%
Media > 1.2 mil 60% 40%
Family & Pet supplies > 800,000 20% 80%
Home & Garden > 900,000 50% 50%
Business > 400,000 65% 35%
 Collectables > 100,000 75% 25%
Service & Others > 100,000 40% 60%

Your advantages with DIMABAY

According to a population-representative study by the Institute for Trade Research in Cologne, advertising inserts in ordered shipments are accepted by 82% of the consumers .*
In the eyes of the consumer package insert advertising is one of the most useful forms of advertising, ahead of TV, radio or Banner.*
DIMABAY can draw on the previous experience of over 2,000 advertising campaigns across Europe.
Unlimited product options
DIMABAY provides you with total creative scope of advertising via package inserts from traditional flyers, brochures, coupon booklets or catalogues through to product samples.
Cost efficiency
Optimized and efficient work processes enable DIMABAY to provide insert advertising at low prices. In addition to billing per thousand (cost per thousand), we also offer barter deals and performance-based pricing models.
Advertising campaigns in several European countries from a single source - DIMABAY makes this possible.


Examples of package inserts from service and industrial companies









DIMABAY package inserts for your service or industrial company

DIMABAY has gained extensive experience with both service and industrial companies from all industries and can provide you with bespoke campaign strategies. Through best-practice and previous experiences we can provide you with recommendations as to which form of insert advertising is the most suitable for you. Using our internal valuation models, we can also advise you as to which distributors  are most suited to catering for your target group.

DIMABAY offers you complete services for campaigns using package inserts. Aside from selecting appropriate distributors for your package inserts based on your selection criteria, we also offer a creative service. Should you require, our graphic design team will gladly create your advertising material, at a competitive price. We are always happy to advise you as to what should be included to create advertising material that will result in a high response rate.