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Become one of our distribution partners and earn attractive commision rates for distributing our inserts


Benefit from the advantages of becoming one of our distribution partners - cost free and zero obligation!

Distributing DIMABAY inserts within your outgoing product dispatch offers you several advantages; not only do we offer attractive compensation rates, but you can also benefit from an association with renowned international companies. Our inserts will also give your customers added value as they can benefit from third party offers that they have an interest in.

A partnership with DIMABAY is completely cost free. We will deliver all inserts directly to your door, free of charge! You will be paid for your distribution services once the campaign has completed.


How you earn money with DIMABAY

With DIMABAY you profit from attractive remunerations for the insertion of package inserts and you also gain from the full utilization of your shipments. Apart from campaigns with a fixed remuneration, you can also profit directly from the success of the campaign via performance based commission payments. Our Remuneration Calculator allows you to calculate your personal possibilities as a distribution partner.


Calculate now your yearly remuneration with DIMABAY:
Your monthly shipments:
  Fixed remuneration Performance-related
Example of remuneration: 1.2 Pence per inserts 5 GBP per redemption
Monthly shipments 10,000 parcels 10,000 parcels
Redemption rate The redemption rate has no influence 
on the fixed-rate of remuneration
Fixed remuneration / 
Performance related 
120.00 GBP  
Commission remuneration of the campaign   250.00 GBP
remuneration (with three monthly package inserts) 120.00 GBP 750.00 GBP
Yearly remuneration 
1,440.00 GBP 9,000.00 GBP

Are you shipping thousands of packages on a monthly basis? Distribute up to three non competing inserts for us at once, and earn a four figure compensation over a year!

Your advantages with DIMABAY

DIMABAY can draw on the previous experience of over 2,000 advertising campaigns across Europe and thus can always offer you a variety of package inserts.
In the eyes of the consumer package insert advertising is one of the most useful forms of advertising, ahead of TV, radio or Banner.*
Unlimited product options
DIMABAY offers your customers all the possibilites of insert-advertising, like brochures, catalogues, flyers, samples or booklets.
Attractive Remuneration
Attractive remuneration models with fixed or performance-related remuneration are available.
If you distribute in more than one European country, DIMABAY can support you in the utilizing of your international packages.
Cost free and easy
Your membership with DIMABAY is cost free and involves only a minimal amount of work.

Partnering with Dimabay as a distributor of package inserts offers many advantages

Not only do we offer you attractive commission rates but you will also benefit from an association with renowned international companies. You also have the opportunity to offer your customers discounts from these companies through a variety of package inserts. We can also offer you reductions on the printing of further advertising material.

The membership at DIMABAY is without obligation and totally free of costs; delivery of the requested package inserts is also for free. A straightforward execution with as little administrative workload for you as possible is very important for us.  It can be taken for granted that you will receive your remuneration directly after the distribution.


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