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How we work.

Advertising clients or partner agencies get in contact with us to organise insert campaigns across Europe. Through our vast portfolio of distributing partners, we can place your inserts in the outgoing parcels of leading webshops.
Based on the target demographic of the advertising company, we hand-pick suitable distributors to place these inserts and send them to the relevant distributing companies.
Distributors will then place these inserts into all of their outgoing parcels, and when their customers recieve their product, they also recieve the insert.
The customer who has received this third party insert will then redeem it at the advertising companies webshop.


DIMABAY - A short presentation

DIMABAY is one of Europes leading providers for insert marketing campaigns. We are currently working with more than 7,000 retailers across Europe, and successfully sending  more than 20 million inserts each month. Our success in these markets allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality insert campaigns.

We work with our clients from start to finish; from the initial conception and brainstorming of ideas, to the eventual implementation and evaluation once the campaign has finished. We work with some of Europest finest logistic and printing companies to ensure that our finished product is of the highest-quality.

Aside from our office in Bayreuth, DIMABAY runs an international office in the heart of Berlin. DIMABAY consists of a dynamic, international, experienced team.